Orange Park Clubhouse
201 West Orange Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 589-7090

The Orange Park Clubhouse, or what is affectionately known as “Orange Park,” is our original clubhouse and home to our admin offices.

This clubhouse has its very own Intel Computer Clubhouse (the ICC!), and a gym that hosts all of our South San Francisco athletic leagues. We make sure our members have great focus on schoolwork each day (including specialized tutoring!), but there’s also Science Club, Art projects, photography, music and rhythmic beat production, a girls-only ICC technology day each week, guitar lessons, jewelry making, etc.! We do tons of fun things for all kinds of interests — when’s the last time you made a Foomi?!

This clubhouse is also known for hosting Monster Bash (our Halloween celebration), as well as our annual Christmas celebration (with Torani sodas all around!), not to mention a million other holidays, fun projects, activities, and programs that our members love (not to mention an awesome staff!).

South San Francisco – Orange Park Clubhouse Program Team

Jill Higa – Site Director – Ext. 19
Sidney Irvine – Intel Computer Clubhouse Director – Ext. 15
Brendan Walsh – Teen Program Director
Gabriella San Diego – Education Coordinator
Samuel Wong – Membership Coordinator – Ext. 22
America Gutierrez – School Transportation



Members of this clubhouse are from schools all over South City (i.e. Los Cerritos Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary, Buri Buri Elementary, Parkway Middle, Westborough Middle, El Camino High, South San Francisco High, etc.)
Local high school students are also welcome as peer mentors and volunteers (please inquire with staff for more information about high school mentors)



Annual membership fee: $30 for one year (September 1st – August 31st)
Monthly afterschool clubhouse fee: $125 per month
Note: School Break Day Camps and Summer Camp fees are in addition to the annual membership fee; they vary by duration and session. Please see staff for more information.


TRANSPORTATION (school to clubhouse)

$75 per month van service from Buri Buri and Ponderosa elementary schools, and Parkway and Westborough middle schools.
(multi-child discount available; please inquire when registering)
$10 per month from Los Cerritos Elementary School (Supervised walk over)



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

2:30PM – 6PM

Wednesday (early school release)

1:30PM – 6PM

NOTE: Hours of operation for School Break Day Camps, Summer Camp, and Community Sports Leagues all vary from the hours listed here. Please see the director of those programs for specific hours of operation.

This clubhouse follows the SSFUSD school calendar, which means the Club is open when school is open. Member access varies during School Break Day Camps and Summer Camp dependent upon specific programming; please inquire with staff for more information.




All league participants must also be registered members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County (separate fees)
Some scholarships and sibling discounts may be available for community sports leagues.

Please see “Pacifica Community Sports Leagues” and/or “SSF Community Sports Leagues” for information about how to join community sports leagues offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County