Alta Loma Clubhouse
116 Romney Avenue
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 827-8499

The Alta Loma Middle School Clubhouse serves students who attend Alta Loma Middle School. Members participate in a wide variety of enrichment activities, which include all kinds of fun stuff, like, DJ and beat making, urban art, cooking projects, photography, video making, recreational gaming, and tons more!

Visit our blog to see the fun things members do and participate in at our clubhouse!

South San Francisco – Alta Loma Middle School Clubhouse Program Team

Mary Ann Cordova – Site Director


Members of this clubhouse must be students enrolled at Alta Loma Middle School

Area high school students are also welcome as peer mentors and volunteers (please inquire with staff for more information about high school membership)

Please Note: this facility has a membership capacity of 30 members, so early sign-up is recommended; wait-lists are developed if needed, but do not guarantee a spot for your child if room does not allow – please register early!



Membership fee:  Fees for the Alta Loma Middle School program start at $290 per month. *Scholarships are available* and will be awarded, based on need. 10% sibling discounts apply, but cannot be combined with scholarships.



Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

3:15PM – 6:30PM

Wednesday (early school release)

2:15PM – 6:30PM

NOTE: Summer Camp, Day Camp, and league hours and/or times of operation are different from regular clubhouse hours. Please see staff for details.

This clubhouse follows the SSFUSD school calendar for member clubhouse access, which generally means that the Club is open when school is open. When school is closed, the clubhouse might have Day Camp (at the Orange Park Clubhouse approximately 2.5 miles from the Alta Loma Clubhouse), or might be closed (see staff for details). The Alta Loma Clubhouse is closed during the summer months (Summer Camp is hosted at the Orange Park Clubhouse approximately 2.5 miles from the Alta Loma Clubhouse). Please inquire with staff for more information.



  • Power Hour (mandatory, one-hour homework assistance and completion session)
  • Fitness hour and organized play
  • Service Learning projects, such as, senior center visits and activities, food pantry community service, etc.

Additional, other activities and programs occur daily, which members can participate in as desired. Some examples include (subject to program changes and availability):

  • Cooking classes
  • Urban Art projects
  • DJ and beat making
  • Photography
  • Video making
  • Creative Writing
  • Gaming



“Monster Bash” Halloween celebration; usually takes place on Halloween night; open to all clubhouse members in SSF and Pacifica; held at the Orange Park clubhouse; includes family and friends
Cultural and Holiday celebrations; during clubhouse hours; usually on the last day before school break; includes family and friends in a potluck format
“Youth of the Year” – members selected by fellow clubhouse members to represent their clubhouse in this local, regional, and national youth recognition program and events



All league participants must also be registered members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County (separate fees)
Some scholarships and sibling discounts may be available for athletic leagues

Please see “Pacifica Athletic Leagues” and/or “SSF Athletic Leagues” (under the “Clubhouses” tab in navigation above or at bottom of page) for information about how to join athletic leagues offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County