The Club welcomes Stephanie N. Rivers as their new Director of Development.

Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County is pleased to announce the addition of Stephanie N. Rivers as their new Director of Development.  Stephanie brings an impressive mix of marketing and resource development skills, expertise, passion, and persistence to the role.  Stephanie is new to the bay area, but not new to fundraising, and to the Boys & Girls Club Movement.  Stephanie comes to the Clubs after serving as the Director of Development with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Oklahoma County, where she increased revenues for the Club’s three major events and worked with the team on the Club’s second major comprehensive campaign.  Stephanie is poised to hit the ground running.  We encourage you to visit with Stephanie at the Clubs.  Your insight will contribute to Stephanie getting familiar with our vibrant local community.  This is also a terrific opportunity for your business/company and businesses that you know of to partner with the Clubs in service to the incredible club kids and teens.

“Stephanie is a proven resource development professional.  Stephanie’s track record of successfully developing systems, people, and relationships is just what the Club needs to take our resource development efforts to the next level.  I am so pleased that Stephanie will be joining us and contributing her valuable talents to our leadership team of talented professionals.  I know that you will join me in welcoming Stephanie, and in my excitement about the value that she will add to the Clubs.”  -Aubrey Merriman, CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County

Stephanie received her BA from the University of Oklahoma in Communications. She is a member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals and is currently working on obtaining CFRE credentials and a Certificate in Nonprofit Management from University of Illinois.

New Mural Featured in the Pacifica Tribune

The new mural at our Pacifica Yosemite Drive Clubhouse is featured in this week’s issue of the Pacifica Tribune. Contributing Editor Horace Hinshaw writes,

Jeffrey Wong has been surfing around the world for over 20 years. An engineer by trade, he is also a mural artist by choice. Combined with his love of surfing and painting, he has beautified the walls of the Pacifica Boys & Girls Club with a design that is familiar to all Pacificans.

As observed by many, the whales have once again returned to our shores. Wong, 45, has surfed close to whales many times over the years. Through an unexpected meeting with Vickie Flores, former Pacifica Chamber of Commerce CEO, last year at the Fog Fest, Wong now shares his love of surfing and whales with the public.

Wong has taken a barren wall at the Club and painted a multi-scenery of whales.

“The mural commemorates the whale sightings in Linda Mar last summer,” said the Hong Kong native. “I basically wanted to show how the whales showed themselves to us.”

The three-segment mural depicts lunch feeding with a whale jumping out of the water with its mouth open; a whale blowing its nose after a lunch feeding; and the third painting is a whale sighting. The painting is on a 70-foot-wide, 8-foot-high wall.

“The mural has an ocean-to-land feeling, as if you were sitting on a surfboard in the water and looking toward Linda Mar Beach, from Pedro Point to the quarry,” said Wong, who volunteered to paint the mural. “Painting is a labor of love.”

A ribbon-cutting ceremony of the painted wall was held last Thursday with the Chamber, city officials and Boys & Girls Club officials.

Read more and view photos from the event at the Pacifica Tribune’s website.

“Love Your Club” Day Revitalizes Pacifica Clubhouse

The Club would like to put out a great big thank you to the entire Pacifica community for coming together to help us beautify the Pacifica Yosemite Dr. Clubhouse. With 40 volunteers and 6 hours of work, these amazing volunteers helped bring life back to the Clubhouse. With the hard work of these families and their children, drought resistance succulents and flowers were planted, a sod lawn and gravel were added, and mulch now covers a large area in the front and backyard.

Over the last few years, due to the California drought, the grounds of the Pacifica Yosemite Dr. Clubhouse have declined. Recognizing the importance of a welcoming and beautiful outdoor environment, our Clubhouse families and staff pulled together and created a beautiful and inviting outdoor space. The staff and kids have already put together a daily and weekly plan to sustain this new landscape.

Every day, the kids will have the opportunity to engage in the upkeep of this new landscape. By engaging in the gardening and maintenance of the grounds, the children have pride in our outdoor space. With the addition of sod to the backyard, the kids have a new place to interact and play. We also plan on using this area to host a community movie night.

These events and opportunities could not have been possible without the help of Club parent Jaymi Wessell and her family. With her support and dedication, she helped organize this Beautification Day. Besides organizing the volunteers, she also arranged for donors. These improvements were made possible by our big-hearted donors. Home Depot donated 70 plants, 2 pallets of sod grass, 100 bags of mulch, and the use of a professional roto-tiller. Starbucks provided coffee and refreshments and lunch was provided by Safeway. We would also like to thank State Farm Insurance (Jaymi Wessell) and Karma Launch for their generous donation of t-shirts for the event.

Again, thank you to the entire Pacifica community for making this project possible!