SSF Paradise Valley Clubhouse

Paradise Valley Clubhouse

291 Hillside Blvd.
South San Francisco, CA 94080
(650) 583-2348

The Paradise Valley Clubhouse (also known as “PV!”) resides in its own building on the corner of Hillside Boulevard and School Street — right next door to Martin Elementary School. Most of our members are Martin Elementary students, but we also have middle and high school student mentors from Parkway Middle School, and El Camino and South San Francisco high schools. Weekly library trips, Science Club, cooking classes, outside play, and the infamous “Dinner for Peace” Thanksgiving community potluck, are just some of the many reasons members sign-up early every year!

South San Francisco – Paradise Valley Clubhouse Program Team

Isaac Davalos – Site Director


Members of this clubhouse are primarily students from Martin Elementary; however, any child is welcome to become a member regardless of school or age

Area middle and high school students are also welcome as peer mentors and volunteers (please inquire with staff for more information about high school membership)


Annual membership fee: $30 for entire school year

Additional fees for participation in major field trips may apply (please inquire with staff for more information)
The majority of members at this clubhouse are students of Martin Elementary. Members of all ages and from all schools are welcome!

Please Note: this facility has a membership capacity of 65 members, so early sign-up is recommended; wait-lists are developed if needed, but do not guarantee a spot for your child if room does not allow – please register early!


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

2:30PM – 6PM

Wednesday (early school release)

1:30PM – 6PM

This clubhouse follows the SSFUSD school calendar for member clubhouse access
Summer Camp and Day Camp programs are provided by our Orange Park clubhouse approximately 1.5 miles from Paradise Valley clubhouse; the Paradise Valley clubhouse is closed during the summer months; please inquire with staff for more information.


  • Daily healthy snack (grain, dairy, fruit); inquire with staff for any dietary or allergy concerns
  • Power Hour (homework assistance and completion)
  • Fitness hour and organized play
  • Designated “reading time” for all members present (separate from homework completion)
  • Cooking classes every other week (all ages), which includes tastings, the “food plate” education, take-home recipes, etc.
    Science Club every other week (all ages)
  • Library Club every Tuesday (visit to library to check-out books, read, work on library computers, etc.) (all ages)
  • Reading Club each Monday, Wednesday, Friday (all members participate; all ages)
  • “All Play” game or activity once each week (for all members present to build camaraderie)
  • Monthly birthday celebrations (acknowledgment of birthdays for the month during member meeting; birthday members receive cupcakes)
  • Special relationship with Martin Elementary School, whereby clubhouse staff meet with school staff two times each month to discuss homework and other issues (specifically relating to members) to determine how Club staff can assist and support members


“Monster Bash” Halloween celebration; usually takes place on Halloween night; open to all clubhouse members in SSF and Pacifica; held at the Orange Park clubhouse; includes family and friends
“Dinner for Peace” Thanksgiving celebration; during clubhouse hours; usually on the last day before school break; includes family and friends in a potluck format
Christmas holiday celebration; during clubhouse hours; usually on the last day before school break; includes family and friends
“Youth of the Year” – members selected by fellow clubhouse members to represent their clubhouse in this local, regional, and national youth recognition program and events


All league participants must also be registered members of the Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County (separate fees)
Some scholarships and sibling discounts may be available for athletic leagues

Please see “Pacifica Community Sports Leagues” and/or “SSF Community Sports Leagues” (under the “Clubhouses” tab in navigation above or at bottom of page) for information about how to join athletic leagues offered by Boys & Girls Clubs of North San Mateo County